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Clean Slate

Do you have shared tablets in your facility? Need to clean private data from your apps between hospital patients? Perhaps you want to reset parent's Netflix login data after each child is finished being entertained in your reception area? Do you need to customize it over your Enterprise MDM solution?

You simply can't with standard tools because they don't have the elevated privileges to allow it.

Well, you are in luck, cleanSlate was built for exactly that purpose. And it's fast. In under 2 seconds your customized list of apps are cleaned without a painful factory reset or even reboot of the tablet! Securely, customizably, quickly, without being cumbersome - that's the pwnApps way!

Clean Slate App

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Wintey's Revenge

Our FIRST game built to run on phones, tablets, and even Samsung Gear WEARABLE devices!

(Gear Neo, Pro, S, and even the S2 and beyond).

More apps coming soon!

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